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Wall Street Instituto Obituary…R.I.P.

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Mixed news from Wall Street this week–not the financial  center in NYC, but the patito franchise in Mexico: Wall Street Institute. This place has always offered one of the most lame educational programs in town. They have always had nice locations but looks can be deceiving, apparently. Word on the “street” is that they went out-of-business–dropping faster than the Dow Jones in October. That is the good news–the bad news is that, reportedly, they hadn’t paid the poor saps that worked there for over a month and a half.  Now the teachers are out of work and undoubtedly out of luck as far as ever seeing any back pay. Any students unlucky enough to be paid in full will, at best, not be cheated by WSI any more. (Although, much like the real Wall Street, I suspect the owners managed to skip out with a suitcase full of cash. The proverbial rats deserting a sinking ship.)

I admit I feel sorry for the people that got ripped off (both students and staff) but really from what I could tell they didn’t have very many actual live teachers there. Toward the end their big plan was to just have rows of computers in fancy little cubicles. Whenever an unfortunate victim, I mean student, would come in, someone at the front desk (probably being paid even less than a teacher, and as it turns out, probably not being paid at all) would just hand them a CD and direct them to a computer. In educational jargon it is referred to as the “Don’t bug us, just go over there and try to teach yourself English” method. Very classy and 99.9% guaranteed to be useless.

On the other hand I have no sympathy for the company or the franchise owners. In my opinion, it couldn’t of have happened to a more deserving bunch of jerks. Really it was that inevitable, perfect storm of stupidity and greed, or as we English majors like to say: ignorance and avarice. The place was all “show and no go”–I’m not sure that phrase fits here, it’s an old “hot-rodders” expression….Anyway, I’ll end with an expression that I believe comes from those wacky Brits; “Good riddance to bad rubbish.” This is one case where I hope “Wall Street” doesn’t make a recovery!

Written by El Fomentador

April 12, 2009 at 6:28 am

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