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El Santo says, Don’t mess with Mexico!

Hi. I guess most people that begin a “blog” do so because they have a lot to say. (And their friends are tired of hearing it.) Mea culpa. So if I have such a big mouth, why should it be so difficult to decide on an introduction? An introduction that will perfectly describe in 250 words or less on why “el Fomentador” is here, who I am, some kind of guess at who you may be and what you may think about a variety of themes.

Much of what I have to say revolves around my experiences as a “gringo” living in central Mexico for the last several years. In the cities there are always foreign communities, “paisanos” with a small, sometimes changing cast of extranjeros. They often make the group-self-imposed exile bearable. As Jerry Garcia said, “What a lloonngg strange trip it’s been.”

But along with sharing strange encounters on bus trips and embarrassing cultural faux paux, I’m hoping you will help me find the strands of the threads of stories that pull Mexico and her northern neighbors together. However, it is also about what’s holding our countries and the region apart.

Even though I have been in Mexico awhile, I still feel compelled to be, perhaps, more blunt than most people here when discussing issues related to principles that I consider to be important. Quality and equality in educational opportunities world-wide will be the main issues discussed. People say that I am too serious, so I hope to have a little fun with this, too.

Oh great! I just noticed I’m up to 275 words, oh no, 279…ok, so I’ll go over by a few words. You may have noticed the photo of Santo El Enmascarado de Plata on this page. I’ve chosen to use the image of el Santo as a way to represent what el Fomentador is all about. My first posting explains a little of my interest in Santo as a Mexican pop culture phenomenon.

Back to the introduction I was talking about. I couldn’t decide between the obvious device of using either, a clever quotation from some dead guy (Aristotle comes to mind for some reason) or, just giving the dictionary definition of the Spanish verb: fomentar, which is really the only word I needed to introduce this site called “el Fomentador”.

So from the well-worn pages of my University of Chicago Spanish Dictionary, Fifth Edition, (Over Ten Million Copies Sold!):

fomentar VT (estudio) to promote; (amistad) to foster; (discordia) to foment; (apoyo) to drum up.

So, bienvenidos y gracias, I hope that one of those definitions means something to the fomentador in all of us.

Written by El Fomentador

January 12, 2008 at 7:41 pm

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